Out of Sight

Cairn UAS Division specialises in delivering real-time data and imagery through BVLOS operations in complex and high-risk environments.

With decades of experience in the aviation- and IT industries, our management team delivers innovative and cost-effective unmanned aerial solutions throughout Africa and the Middle East. We are able to deliver tailored services that cater to various industrial sectors requiring beyond visual range surveillance, monitoring and data collection.

Theatres of Operation

Cairn UAS Division operates in urban, rural and offshore areas, in daylight or darkness. Our expertise and equipment is suited to specialist or unconventional assignments in hostile and unforgiving theatres, and we accept tasks anywhere in Africa or the Middle East.


    • Integrated wildfire and environmental management
    • Security, anti-poaching, border/perimeter patrol and policing
    • Multispectral surveying
    • Game management

    • Policing
    • Infrastructural survey (LIDAR)
    • Critical logistics (e.g. medical)
    • Traffic management
    • Cargo operations

    • Multi-spectral surveying
    • Integrated fire management
    • Stock theft prevention and recovery
    • Crop dusting

    • Search and rescue
    • Anti piracy
    • Anti poaching
    • Coastal patrol
    • Inspection of offshore installations
    • Port Security

    • Security
    • Volumetric survey
    • LIDAR mapping
    • Geo survey
    • Utilities & structural inspection, survey, leak detection

    • Search and rescue (thermal imaging and IR)
    • Telstar (communications relay)
    • Command and control
    • Aerial reconnaissance and intelligence
    • Security
    • Critical logistics (e.g. medical)

Management Team

Our management team integrates the skills and experience of ex-military pilots, veteran IT engineers, and disaster management professionals. The organisational culture generated by this team is one of task-orientated risk management.

  • Director

    Musa Mbhokota
    Ex-South African Air Force Fighter Pilot. Ab-initio and Pilot Attack Instructor, Test Pilot and Squadron Commanding Officer.
    BSc, Applied Mathematics and Dip, Senior Management.
    Domestic and international fast jet missions with multi-national military forces.
    Manager of numerous acquisition and development projects.

  • Accountable Manager

    Kevin Ellis
    Ex-South African Air Force helicopter pilot. SACAA and Kenyan ATPL(H) and SACAA RPL (with grade II instructors rating).
    Landward and seaward operations throughout Africa, the Middle East and Antarctica.

  • Operations Manager

    Rob Daneel
    Ex-South African Naval Combat Officer and Air Force helicopter (instructor) pilot.
    SACAA and Kenyan CPL(H) (with grade II instructors rating) and SACAA RPL.
    Landward and seaward operations throughout Africa and the Middle East.

  • Technical Manager

    Hein du Plessis
    UAV manufacturing with diplomas in Computer Data Processing and specialisation in software development, operating system concepts, IT project mmanagement, statistics and financial accounting.
    Development of GIS databases and decision support systems, telecoms systems, financial and departmental billing systems (large corporates), and hardware- and software applications for advanced autonomous control and sensory suites of unmanned aerial systems.

  • Safety Manager

    Justin Ellis
    South African Air Force helicopter pilot.
    Landward and seaward operations throughout Africa and the Middle East.

  • Quality Manager

    Nic Hartley
    Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) in EMM and Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment.
    Environmental disaster management, aerial surveying and environmental health and safety.

Sales & Support

Africa and the Middle East present UAV operators with myriad environmental and infrastructural challenges. From the urban jungle of Lagos to the open plains of the Okavango Delta, or from the agricultural serenity of the Cape Winelands to the war-torn chaos of Aleppo, such diversity of operating conditions demands versatility of aircraft and sensory equipment.

Cairn UAS is intimately familiar with difficult operating environments and understands the importance of properly suited and reliable equipment.

Our field-tested selection of aircraft and sensor units are sourced from OEMs that we carefully vet for the quality and reliability of their products, ensuring that you get the right tool for the job, and value for your spend.

  • Primoco UAV

    With an endurance of 10 hours, a single-mission range of 1 500km, a payload of 50kg and a service ceiling of 15 000ft (for the One 150), the Primoco UAV fills the gap between mil-spec multi-mission, long-endurance RPA’s and COTS medium range, low endurance aircraft.

  • Quantum Systems

    Quantum-Systems manufactures high-performance, VTOL tilt-rotor UAVs that combine outstanding aerodynamic efficiency with an extremely simple operating concept. Quantum’s aerial systems afford operational flexibly, safety, and the easy integration of a variety of sensors for diverse applications.

  • Aerobots

    Along with a versatile selection of ready to fly aircraft, Aerobots offers customised, fit-to-purpose UAVs, sensors and processing software for operators with extraordinary requirements. The Cairn-Aerobots partnership offers unrivalled technical and operational expertise in the custom build sector.

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